Ways to Know your Computer is infected by Malware

Security software is a necessity these days but shouldn’t be relied upon wholly to keep your computer safe. The internet if full of unsavoury kinds of malwares and chances of getting infected are high, so being cautious while browsing the internet is a must. You should also know the signs if your computer or laptop has been infected by malware. Taking action early can prevent further damage to your computer system.

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Solutions for Common Laptop Issues

Whether your laptop is a high-end model or not, problems will surely come along at some point when you least expect it. You can encounter a sudden restart or the screen blacks out and you are clueless about the cause of those problems. Thus, consulting a computer professional or technician will be your best option to resolve all of this.

Laptops are highly intricate and there are many causes to different problems. Here are just 5 of the most common laptop issues and solutions:

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Stop your printer nightmares!

PRINTER! Indeed, it won’t leave your top 10 list of the must have’s in your office, but it can also be one of the most hated office tools too. Have you ever been in a rush for a meeting and needed to print out a document only to have your printer act up? It can drive you mad!

No matter what brand you choose, there are times when printing can become a nightmare. It may be because of driver issues, the user interface or the printer needs maintenance, it all depends. Computer & IT tech support people know how to deal with it, but it also helps to know what kind of printer problem we are encountering so you can apply first steps before issues become worse.

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Cloud-Based Backup: How it works?

Have you ever experience losing all of your important files on your system? Did you find it hard to retrieve all the files you needed? Have you ever had problems with your computer? How did you fix it?

Have you tried to ask the following questions to secure your system’s safety?

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Network solution found!

We went and saw a client in Blackburn South who was trying to sort out a networking issue with a laser printer. Where the printer was located in the office was not ideal and he wished to move it to an alternative location; only trouble was, there were no hardwired network ports, nor did the printer have wireless capabilities – what to do?

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Keyboard shortcuts everyone should know


With the advent of the computer mouse, people have become reliant on the technology to be able to do a lot of the navigating of their PCs. However by using some simple keyboard shortcuts, you can greatly increase your productivity and reduce unnecessary strain on your hands. You don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard, reach for the mouse to perform the desired operation and then return to the keyboard to continue typing.

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What is a UPS, what they protect against, the different types & how do I choose the right one?

What is a UPS?

A UPS or ‘Uninterruptible power supply’ is an electrical device that’s main purpose is to provide backup power to a computer or other electrical equipment in case mains power fails for whatever reason. Batteries contained within the UPS are used to provide protection from power interruptions by converting the DC (direct current) energy stored in the batteries to AC (alternating current) mains power instantaneously when the need arises.

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What is Ransomware, what is does & how it can be avoided

What is it?

Ransomware is cyber threat that uses cryptographic measures designed to extort money from users. They have been around for a number of years now in many variations such CryptoLocker or Torrentlocker. One of the newest is called ‘Satana’ which not only encrypts your files, but also the master boot record on the hard drive so Windows won’t boot! Another recent variation ‘WannaCry‘ also includes a worm (type of virus) that allows it to spread to other connected computers without any user interaction.

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