A consistent working backup is paramount! Is yours?

What would you do if the worst happened? Be safe, not sorry.

Prepare yourself for the inevitable and have peace of mind with hybrid-cloud backup & recovery.

Every business has challenges that impact operations. Human error, computer and server failures and even natural disasters can affect any business. So how do you prepare to make sure your business stays running?

Just like your car comes with a spare tire, your business needs a simple and effective solution to get ‘back on the road’ in the event of a data, system, or even complete business outage. It may only happen a few times in your life, but it happens to every business eventually.

Cloud-based backup is the automatic and secure way to ensure your data is protected affordably. Your most important data is automatically backed up and always available, is encrypted and stored securely in a world-class data center, all at an affordable monthly cost.

A hybrid cloud backup & recovery solution addresses the challenges around protecting and recovering data by using both cloud and on-site storage, backing up data in minutes, not hours and recovering anything, anytime and anywhere.

Just ask yourself these simple questions:

1. What would you do if your computer or server crashed right now & you lost everything, how would you survive?
2. What would happen if you got broken into, computer stolen, fire, human error or other possible disaster?
3. How would you survive if you or one of your team members got infected with a cryptolocker or ransom ware virus & rendered all your data useless?
4. How quickly would you get back up and running?
5. Do you even have a backup? Unfortunately many people don’t.
6. If you have a backup, is it secure, is it encrypted with military grade encryption?
7. If you have some sort of cloud backup, do you know where the data is stored, is it secure?
8. Is the backup monitored?
9. Is your backup routine consistent?
10. Are your backups reliable?

If you answered no or you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, you need to speak with us.

For more information, please see the FAQs page. Alternatively, we can organise a free complimentary assessment of your backup requirements or for hybrid-cloud pricing information, please Contact us.

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