Solutions for Common Laptop Issues

Whether your laptop is a high-end model or not, problems will surely come along at some point when you least expect it. You can encounter a sudden restart or the screen blacks out and you are clueless about the cause of those problems. Thus, consulting a computer professional or technician will be your best option to resolve all of this.

Laptops are highly intricate and there are many causes to different problems. Here are just 5 of the most common laptop issues and solutions:

Screen Dots or Lines

1. If a line or dots of pixels appear on your screen, chances are it’s stuck or lit pixels. Dead pixels however show up as black dots. Sometimes putting a little light pressure on the screen with your finger can help the pixel become unstuck. However be careful and don’t apply too much pressure as you can damage the screen or even crack it. With millions of pixels on an average LCD screen, there is always a chance one or two won’t work properly. If the stuck pixels stay, the only option is to either persevere with it or replace the LCD panel.

2. If you’re experiencing wavy lines or static graphical artifacts all over your screen, it could be something else causing the problem other than the LCD panel. Bad RAM or a graphics adapter can cause this. If possible, connect the laptop to a working external monitor & see if the problem still exists. If it does, then the problem lies somewhere other than the built in LCD panel.

Black Screen  

Having a black screen may be due to a bad connection cable. If your laptop still seems to be functioning but the screen only displays a black screen, it could be a break in the cable joining the mainboard to the LCD panel. First connect a working external monitor & make sure the laptop is still functioning (besides the screen of course). If you get an image on the external monitor, it could be a fault with the panel or the cable. Both of these involve dismantling the laptop, so if you’re not experienced in doing this, please seek the professional help of a computer expert.

Incorrect Colours on the Screen

Incorrect or washed out colours could be a sign of a faulty LCD panel but could also be caused by bad RAM or graphics adapter. If after testing it turns out to be the graphics adapter at fault, most likely it’ll be part of the mainboard and can result in a costly repair. Replacing the board out of warranty is generally not economical as they’re an expensive part. Replacing a mainboard is a very intricate operation and not recommended to be done if not experienced. A computer technician or professional must be the one to handle such kind of problem.

Screen flickers on and off

The on and off flickering problem may be caused by a loose connection or a bad video cable. Breaks in the cable can happen due to opening and closing the screen and general wear and tear. A faulty LCD Inverter board (on older models) can also cause this problem. Hiring a computer technician or computer expert is highly recommended to determine the cause of this problem.

Laptop not turning on

Sometimes you can shut the computer down for the night and the next morning it just won’t turn on. This can happen on occasion and the first thing to try is to remove external power & also remove the battery. Next hold the power button down for around 30 seconds. Plug the power in & turn it on, if it turns on, then great! You can then connect the battery again.

If the laptop doesn’t turn on, it could have a fault somewhere, maybe try another power adapter if you have one or call a computer technician for help.

Laptops are very delicate and must be treated with care, however even with the utmost care, problem can still occur. Sometimes they ca be easily resolved but there are some which are more technical and assistance is required from a computer technician. If you aren’t sure or don’t feel confident to fix the problem yourself, seeking help from an expert will save you money in the long run.

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