COVID-19 Situation & CKP Computers

In regards to the recent pandemic affecting Australia, we wish to be fully transparent and advise everyone of our situation. We are available to assist you in these potentially uncertain times, especially if you are organising yourself or team members to work from home.

Firstly our hearts go out to you if you have been affected. We must continue to be strong & work together as a community.
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Why you can’t rely solely on anti-virus software

Cyber threats are increasing and staying ahead of the cyber criminals constantly feels like a game of cat and mouse. It’s never been more important than now to have a security solution capable of dealing with any attack you encounter.

The landscape has changed considerably since the days of simply installing anti-virus software and calling it a day. There are far more things to consider now when it comes to your cyber security.

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What is a VPN & why would I need one?

A VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. It is a private network that operates by using a public network, typically the internet. They use ‘virtual’ connections routed through the internet from one site to another site to create a safe and secure network. VPN’s encrypt your data, so anyone trying to intercept the encrypted data can’t read it.
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How would you know if your computer needs to be repaired?

In this day and age we consider having computers to be a basic necessity, whether you are a business owner or a regular employee, there are many daily tasks that have to be done with a computer. It has been a significant part of our life to own a computer or a laptop to aid us in our daily tasks. They can be considered as important as having a car because you need it almost everywhere you go – at work or at home.

However, like cars, computers also need to be maintained and repaired. Depending on the problem, your computer may give you a warning that something is not right. You may have not recognized the warning or you may have neglected these signs. Sometimes you don’t get a warning at all, so how would you know if your computers need to be repaired? Continue reading

IT support services: Why it’s essential in your business?

Computer. By definition is a device which accepts information in the form of digitized data. It is an advanced electronic device that is designed to work with and manipulate information. Computers have become essential these days because they’re fast, accurate and can accomplish or do many tasks. They help people in many different fields such as banks, communication industries, education, media, travel or any other kind of business you may have. Computer technology is used to serve and connect people in the modern world, but what happens when suddenly your computer starts having problems and doesn’t function properly anymore?

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Three IT mistakes every small business must avoid

Managing a small business can vary from simple to complex and almost all require the use of computers. In this era where everything depends on the system and computer generated data and reports, an intensive IT background is a must in order to set it up properly. It can be risky if done incorrectly and small business owners can and do make unfortunate mistakes when it comes to their IT system.

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Backup Failure: How you can prevent it

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who perform effective backups and then there are those who are meant to lose priceless, important information. Admit it or not you belong to one of these groups of people. If you belong to the first group, then that’s great news. If however you are in the second group, that’s bad news.

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Differences between online backup & online storage

There seems to be some confusion over the differences between online storage & online (or cloud) backup and some initially consider them to be one of the same – they are not. They are vastly different and each serves a purpose, depending on how your business operates.

Online backup has been in existence well before storage options came about and as such can be viewed as an adaptation of the backup services by enabling file storage, access and sharing.

Curious to know more? Read on as we explain the differences so you can understand the two services.

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Cloud Computing: Secure Your Business

It is undeniable that every business needs good cloud services of some sort. Why? It is because the cloud helps manage business’ important workloads such as financials and its other important data. Choosing the right Cloud Services for your business needs could be a daunting task. Different variety of cloud services can be seen in the online market, there are countless advertisements say that their cloud solution is the best and that their cloud service is truly excellent. Maybe because of these you are confused what to choose and what to avoid. To help you find the best cloud services for your business keep this cloud explanation in your mind.

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Benefits of Managed IT Services for small businesses

“Why should I partner with an MSP (Managed Service Provider)?” That’s a question I get asked regularly. Some clients perceive that it would be more economical to stick with the traditional ‘break/fix’ model and to contact the provider only when an issue arises. It’s also a misconception that by being under an IT contract, that’s it’s a form of insurance and only in place if ‘The IT hits the fan’ as it were. In reality it’s the complete opposite.

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