Cloud Computing: Secure Your Business

It is undeniable that every business needs good cloud services of some sort. Why? It is because the cloud helps manage business’ important workloads such as financials and its other important data. Choosing the right Cloud Services for your business needs could be a daunting task. Different variety of cloud services can be seen in the online market, there are countless advertisements say that their cloud solution is the best and that their cloud service is truly excellent. Maybe because of these you are confused what to choose and what to avoid. To help you find the best cloud services for your business keep this cloud explanation in your mind.

What is the ‘Cloud’?

Cloud computing or simply called as “the cloud” is a computing model that is use for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. It helps your business to store, manage and process data online.

Different types of Clouds

  1. Public Clouds- Is a publicly available cloud environment by a third party provider. With this type of cloud, a business share application software, hardware, data center and operating system with all the other users. Due to it, it is a very low-cost selection. You take advantage of the provider’s infrastructure which contributes to lower your capital expenditure and lessens the demands on the business IT section. Google, Amazon and Microsoft used the public cloud to give smaller companies a competitive advantage with inexpensive access to principal software and services that could not be unavailable. It is useful for a business because of its easy and inexpensive set-up and there are no wasted resources upon the use of this type of cloud because you only pay for what you used.
  2. Private Cloud- Unlike public cloud which share application with all other users, this type of cloud is owned by a single organization only. This type of cloud is best use by businesses with random computing needs that demands direct control over their environment. Private cloud provides higher security and privacy. Moreover, it has more control than public cloud. Since it is only accessible by a single organization, it has the ability to organize and handle it in line with their needs to attain a customized network solution. Private Cloud is also cost and energy efficient. It improves the share of resources within a business by ensuring that the accessibility of resources to individuals department can directly respond to their demand. Though it is not as cost effective as public cloud because of the smaller economies of scale and increased management costs, it is more effective in computing resource as it minimize the investment into unused capacity.
  3. Hybrid Model- It is said to be the best among the three types. It is a combination of two or more different cloud deployment models. This type of cloud is usually important for highly changeable workloads. In addition, hybrid clouds are usually implemented in the financial sector especially if immediacy is important and physical space is at a premium. Using this type of cloud can greatly facilitate connectivity in the workplace. Therefore, adoption of hybrid cloud can be an effective strategy for different types of businesses that have strict focus on security.

Using Cloud for your business will surely help you secure all the important information you have. But you must always keep in mind to choose the one in which you can save you money, time and effort. If you still have doubts about what type of Cloud to choose, CKP Computers can assist you to make up your mind. Our number is 0447 619 397 or you can send us an enquiry, either through our contact page, by Facebook or by email,

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