Why you can’t rely solely on anti-virus software

Cyber threats are increasing and staying ahead of the cyber criminals constantly feels like a game of cat and mouse. It’s never been more important than now to have a security solution capable of dealing with any attack you encounter.

The landscape has changed considerably since the days of simply installing anti-virus software and calling it a day. There are far more things to consider now when it comes to your cyber security.

1. It’s not just viruses anymore

Most security solutions are still associated with ‘anti-virus’ but just being able to stop one aspect is not enough. Threats have changed since the early days and are far more dangerous.

The thing is, cyber attacks generally have nothing to do with viruses and can take on many different forms. Viruses by definition are designed to do damage, by deleting files or rendering a computer inoperable. The big one these days is ransomware which is designed to extract money from victims by holding their precious data to ransom. Drive-by attacks and other vulnerabilities are also at risk.

Additionally don’t ever consider that your business may be too small or I’ll be right attitude. Cyber criminals are able to create targeted campaigns at next to no cost and you might be next in their sights.

Also worth considering as a possible risk is disgruntled employees, especially those that are IT savvy and know your system. A good endpoint security system needs to be able to detect bad behaviour no matter where it originated.

2. Most AV software only targets files

Most people still consider that security software works by scanning computer files and then determining whether they are malicious or not. That is actually a rather old-fashioned way of thinking about it. While the majority of AV programs still operate on the signature-based detection model, they still offer other additional protection such as blocking malicious websites or detecting unusual computer behaviour.

However, to have even better protection, you should consider a security solution that does much more than that. Fileless attacks and being able to change DNS settings to re-route network traffic are just some of what todays criminals are able to do. Relying on an old school AV solution which its prime focus is on scanning files just won’t be able to cut it any longer.

3. Trusted software can be a weak point

It’s not only untrusted software which can cause headaches, even established brands from companies such as Microsoft and Adobe can be leveraged to breach your system.

Macro attacks have been around for a long time and can exploit a system simply by opening an infected Word document. Then there’s macro-less attacks can exploit vulnerabilities in trusted software which will bypass many security solutions because they appear to be ‘safe’ and are within normal operating boundaries. Powershell attacks are also becoming more common and this is why you need a security solution smart enough to know the difference between malicious and legitimate behaviour.

Modern malware can also run without restriction if given system-level privileges, whether through human error or by exploiting a vulnerability. Many AV solutions fail at detecting malware such as this as they operate by granting trust by identity, rather than by behaviour. In this case, the computer is left vulnerable to potential further attacks.

4. Simple is better

Security software shouldn’t be difficult to use. However take a look around at the vast majority of mainstream AV solutions, they can make many business owners feel like a degree in security is required in order to operate them properly. Overcomplicated tools and other bells and whistles that are included but for the most part completely unnecessary and ultimately bloat your computer system. What you want is a simple, effective endpoint solution that keeps you safe from cyber attacks, has a clean, easy-to-understand interface and provides remediation if an attack were to occur.

5. Security is a mindset

Please don’t fall into the trap believing traditional AV software will solve all your issues. Threats come from many different sources and in many different ways from ransomware attacks to employees seeking to do damage. How will you cope when (not ‘if”) you get attacked, what is your action plan and how will you respond? Not being able to recover could mean greater damage to your customers, your data and your reputation.

This is why you need an endpoint solution that can be part of your plan. CKP Computers offers an advanced endpoint solution as part of our RMM platform, capable of providing protection in many areas of your network, including remediation and rollback if and when an attack occurs.

If you are concerned about the security (or lack thereof) on your computer system or network, feel free to give CKP Computers a call, we would be more than happy to discuss options to suit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, our number is 0447 619 397 or you can send us an enquiry, either through our contact page, by Facebook or by email, helpme@ckpcomputers.com.au.

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