COVID-19 Situation & CKP Computers

In regards to the recent pandemic affecting Australia, we wish to be fully transparent and advise everyone of our situation. We are available to assist you in these potentially uncertain times, especially if you are organising yourself or team members to work from home.

Firstly our hearts go out to you if you have been affected. We must continue to be strong & work together as a community.

In a nutshell:

  • Yes, we are still operating. Currently nobody in our office/household have any symptoms and we are continuing to follow the guidelines by keeping social distance, washing hands and using hand sanitiser on a regular basis. Good hygiene practices always.
  • Component stock level from suppliers are hit n’ miss at the moment. Many PC parts including laptops are manufactured in China and as such our suppliers are simply having a tough time obtaining stock. This then affects resellers like us. However many factories are now starting to come back online so things should improve soon. Stock levels change on a daily basis so if there is something you require, we will do our utmost to source it.
  • Price of many components have also increased due to our poor Australian dollar. This unfortunately affects many industries that rely on imported goods. Even so, we will always provide the best price we can for you.
  • Due to the great technology we have, we are able to provide you with remote support very easily. Our managed services clients have this available at all times.
  • If you wish to book an appointment please advise us beforehand if you are exhibiting any symptoms or if you feel unwell so we can determine the best course of action to handle your IT needs.

To all our valued clients, we thank you for your continued and ongoing support.

No virus is going to stop you or us! Please stay safe and remember we are here to help you.

UPDATE:  As we have been following strict social distancing and hygiene practices, none of our team or family members have been affected by the virus. Computer component stock levels are gradually returning to normal and prices have also stabalised a little. The higher prices were were seeing a few months ago have dropped. You can be assured that we are doing everything possible to stay safe for you (and us) while assisting with your IT needs.

Any queries or issues please do not hesitate to contact us, our number is 0447 619 397 or you can send us an enquiry, either through our contact page, by Facebook or by email,

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