Ways to Know your Computer is infected by Malware

Security software is a necessity these days but shouldn’t be relied upon wholly to keep your computer safe. The internet if full of unsavoury kinds of malwares and chances of getting infected are high, so being cautious while browsing the internet is a must. You should also know the signs if your computer or laptop has been infected by malware. Taking action early can prevent further damage to your computer system.

These are just some signs that your computer may have been infected with malware, depending on the infection:

Your computer begins to function slowly

When a computer’s function begins to slow down, a virus or malware may be the root cause of it. As the malware enters your system, the performance of your computer will decelerate. It is very noticeable since a malware may also abruptly freeze the functionality of your computer.

Your personal information has been jeopardised

Rampant cases of identity theft and other related cases can be caused from malware infections on your computer. If one of your social media accounts were hacked, other people may use it for cyber crimes and other malicious acts over the internet. If you suspect this, please seek help from a computer technician to resolve your problem.

Inexplicable consumption of the disk space

A malware could also consume the space on your hard disk drive. A ‘worm’ is an example of a malware that multiplies and replicates. Thus, it leads to the use of almost all of your space and also serves as a launch pad to spread to other PC’s.

Sudden changes to your browser preferences

One of the causes of this problem is due to malware which hijacks your browser and pops up advertisements that are illicit. It is also capable of gathering information about your browsing preferences and can even change your homepage. Redirection of sites is another symptom when you try to access a site you regularly go to, only to find you end up on a totally different site.

Appearance of blue screen

This is one of the usual problems made by a malware. In some cases, a malware can cause major system problems and results in blue screen errors. Also in regards to Cyptolocker or ransomware infections, the information inside the computer has been encrypted a page pops up requesting payment in order to unlock the files. Usually by then, without a backup, it’s next to impossible to retrieve the data.

These problems must be fixed as soon as possible. If you suspect you have an infection on your computer, don’t leave it hoping it will get better. Shut it down and consult a computer repair service company and ask for their assistance.

CKP Computers can help you clean up your system & apply measures to minimise getting infected again. Our number is 0447 619 397 or you can send us an enquiry, either through our contact page, by Facebook or by email, helpme@ckpcomputers.com.au.

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