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With the advent of the computer mouse, people have become reliant on the technology to be able to do a lot of the navigating of their PCs. However by using some simple keyboard shortcuts, you can greatly increase your productivity and reduce unnecessary strain on your hands. You don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard, reach for the mouse to perform the desired operation and then return to the keyboard to continue typing.

What we’ve done is highlight ten of my most used shortcuts which we consider everyone should know. At the bottom, a link is included to a more comprehensive list which some people may find to be a valuable resource to keep handy (courtesy of Microsoft).

Ctrl + C – Copies any highlighted text or item
Ctrl + X – Cuts any highlighted text or item
Ctrl + V – Pastes text or item
Ctrl + Z – Undo last change
Ctrl + Y – Redo the undo
Ctrl + F – Opens the find or search box in a program
Alt + Tab – Switch between open programs
Windows Key + D – Minimises all windows and returns to the desktop
Ctrl + S – Saves the file currently being worked on
Ctrl + P – Prints page or document

Another ten notable short-cuts worth mentioning are:

Ctrl + A – Selects all text
Ctrl + B – Changes highlighted text to be bold
Ctrl + I – Changes highlighted text to be in italics
Ctrl + U – Changes highlighted text to be underlined
F1 – Displays Help
F2 – Rename selected item or file
Alt + F4 – Closes open program or page
F5 – Refreshes the currently open window
F9 – Initiates a Send/Receive in Outlook
Shift + Del – Permanently deletes selected item or file without sending to Recycle Bin

Keyboard shortcut list

As you can see, learning some of these simple keyboard  shortcuts allows you to do many tasks while saving you a lot of time.

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