All in a day’s work – printer & backup issues sorted

I went and saw a new client in Wantirna the other day to sort a few IT issues out that their existing support weren’t able to fix. The first issue was to do with their printer; it would constantly come up with an error message to install a new toner cartridge even though there was a new cartridge installed, or so I thought.

We tried a few things like cleaning the cartridge and other methods to make the printer recognize it but nothing worked. At this point I figured it must be a faulty cartridge or a fault with the printer. After further discussion with my client, it was discovered that although the cartridge was new, it was used briefly in another printer they used to own and now when we tried to use it again, it would not work. Whether the cartridge had simply died, had expired or was empty was unknown. A new cartridge was supplied and all was good again.

Other issues to do with scanning were also rectified by updating the drivers and making a few other system changes.

Next we got on to sorting out their backup needs. The method they were using was cumbersome, time consuming and not very effective. They were using external hard drives and alternated between them each day. Due to being busy business people, most of the time the backups weren’t being done, was inconsistent and ultimately didn’t really work. They paid a horrendous amount of money to their existing support to get this sorted and it never worked properly from the word go.

So I got to work and implemented our Cloud Backup service so now they can sleep easy knowing their data is safe & secure in an offsite storage facility. Completely automated, encrypted, monitored and tested, all for a small monthly fee of less than 50c per day. Just one other thing they don’t have to worry about.

All in all it was a great result and they are very happy.

If you need help with any IT issue, we are here to help you. Our number is 0447 619 397 or you can send us an enquiry, either through our contact page, by Facebook or by email,

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