Cloud-Based Backup: How it works?

Have you ever experience losing all of your important files on your system? Did you find it hard to retrieve all the files you needed? Have you ever had problems with your computer? How did you fix it?

Have you tried to ask the following questions to secure your system’s safety?

  1. What would you do if your server crashed and you lost all the important files?
  2. What might happen if your computer crashed or was stolen?
  3. What would you do if your system got infected and all your data was gone or unusable?
  4. Do you have your important files backed up?
  5. If you have a backup, is it secure or encrypted with military grade encryption?
  6. Is your backup monitored?
  7. Is your backup routine consistent?
  8. Are your backups reliable?

If you already ask these questions but you don’t know the answer you need to consult with someone that will help you.

If you are experiencing problems with your system you need to rely on Cloud-based backup.

What is Cloud-based backup?

Cloud-based backup is the automatic and safe way to secure your data. Using this, your important data will be automatically backed up and will always be available. It will also be encrypted and will be stored safely. Why to use Cloud-based backup? As businesses and companies try to cope with the growing amount of corporate information being produced daily, they face a mere fact: without their data, they have no business to manage. Because of this, it is critical to have a modern and advance system to safeguard their business information.

Over the years, cloud-based backup have already made its way in the corporate data centres. It became popular for its effectiveness and reliability. According to Storage magazine’s spring 2012 Storage Purchasing Intentions survey, almost a third of IT organizations are backing up at least some of their data using cloud. Moreover, cloud-based Backup was used by most companies for its flexibility and cost-effective option.

There are 2 Main Cloud Backup Options

  1. Pure Cloud Backup - With pure cloud backup, agents are set up on the machine. Also, with this, backups are copied directly to the service provider’s cloud. The benefit of using pure cloud backup is that it is easy to implement, scalable and is well suited to use to organizations that don’t have in-house IT department skills.
  2. Hybrid Cloud Backup - According to George Crump, a hybrid cloud backup solution consists of a principle appliance that has sufficient capacity to hold several backups. It helps to resolve the inactivity issues of a cloud-only backup and the scaling issues of an on-premise disk-based appliance strategy. Though it is really useful, there is still challenge to face while using Hybrid Cloud Backup and that is the number of potential solutions in the space.

If you have inquiries and questions about cloud-based backup, CKP Computers will help you answer these queries. Our number is 0447 619 397 or you can send us an enquiry, either through our contact page, by Facebook or by email,

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