Custom Computer dolleys for your Desktop PC – a must have!

Is your computer sitting on carpet?

As noted in our article on how dust can build up inside a computer, it is advisable that computers don’t sit on carpet, this is especially important for new style cases which have the power supply located on the bottom.




If you have a desktop PC sitting on carpet, this can cause unnecessary dust and fluff to be sucked into the computer which can prevent cooling and potentially cause overheating issues.

CKP Computers have come up with a cost effective solution to this problem by manufacturing a dolley, which will lift the computer off the carpet, thus avoiding dust build up and prolonging the life of the PC. Additionally, it also allows easy maneuvering if needed.

Made from high quality MDF and casters, these dolleys are strong and guaranteed to last.




A standard size dolley for a mid tower case is 50 x 20cm, but any size can be tailor made to suit your needs. Base colour is matte black, but custom colours can also be accommodated to.

Pricing starts at just $30 (ex GST) each and turn around time is approximately one week, depending on quantity ordered. There’s no reason not to have one!

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